Video Alarm Verification

video-alarm-system Video Alarm Verification (VAV) is a basic device for helping focal station administrators make educated, fast choices in case of an alert—guaranteeing that crisis reaction work force are set up with the data they have to act rapidly.

Checked video observation frameworks with Video Alarm Verification offer the best security for your business. More than a thief alert. More than DVRs and video security cameras. Video alert check includes a basic layer of insurance to your current security framework.

Since 95 to 99 for percent of dispatched calls from security frameworks are false alerts, police react when and on the off chance that they can. Adding Video Alarm Verification to your current security framework will :

  • Decrease reaction times (regularly from 20 minutes to under 5 minutes) 
  • Kill false cautions 
  • Increment fears 100-overlay

How Video Alarm Verifications Works

A traditional alarm system just cautions you that an alert has been stumbled. It can't confirm false cautions. The interloper could be your housekeeper or a canine. 

As of now have security cameras? CCTVS, advanced video security cameras and DVRs are incredible devices for exploring an occurrence, yet not confirming a wrongdoing in advance. 

  • A Radius Video Alarm Verification framework consequently catches video from five seconds before an episode to five seconds after. 
  • It sends the video cut quickly to the Radius video observing focus. 
  • Our video observing focus administrators check the break-in and call 100. 
  • Police react rapidly to the wrongdoing in advance. 
  • You get the video cut on your advanced mobile phone. You press the "dispatch" or "overlook" catch.