Domestic Violence/Harassment

 domestic-harrassment Domestic violence (also named domestic abusebattering, or family violence) is an example of conduct which includes savagery or other mishandle by one individual against another in a local setting, such as in marriage or cohabitation.


Domestic violence at home can take various structures, including physical, verbal, enthusiastic, monetary, religious, and sexual mishandle, which can extend from inconspicuous, coercive structures to conjugal assault and to brutal physical manhandle, for example, female genital mutilation and corrosive tossing that outcomes in deformation or demise. Residential homicides incorporate stoning, lady of the hour blazing, respect killings, and share passings.

Domestic violence is a serious matter, our experts are available round the clock to assist to D.V victim, D.V cases are very sensitive. We come out of this investigation with discreet, confidential & professionalism and we will be compassionate in getting you or the victim the necessary help. We collect evidence and submit to authoritative body.