Cyber bullying


 Cyber bullying or Cyber harassment is a type of tormenting or provocation that is executed utilizing electronic types of contact.

 Now a day cybercrime is increasing regularly because many people think that there is nothing that can be done to locate or stop a cyber bully, but trueies is here to help. Cyber Bullying have many forms, and can be hurtful & stressful,which can damage your reputation, finances or career.

Below are some examples

  1. Harassment via social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  2. Libelous content online, and the use of websites for defamation of character.
  3. Misuse of your personal status, blackmail, or otherwise disturb you.

Trueies will approach your case from several angles, depending on your requirement and share specific details.

Identify the bully location or IP address and physical location

Obtain evidence proving that bullying is harassing trueies client.

Report illegal actions to authorities or cyber cell.