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Security Guard

Trueies Security Guard
Trueies Security Guard


We provide cost-effective trained security guard service in Pune (Male and Female Security Guard) who are capable of dealing with all unwanted situation. Every organization has its own issues in security. We recognize the challenges of providing a secure working environment for all sizes of industries both public & Private Sector.

Our security solutions are based on a comprehensive analysis of the requirement and may integrate static, mobile and technological security elements.

We assign a Relationship Manager to each client. He is responsible to understand their security need and provide a cost-effective solution. The client can directly reach relationship manager for any problem. Relation manager will appoint a service technician who will oversee all services of your security electronic systems

Our Key responsibilities:

  • Trueies will keep watching your employees and safeguard your facilities while you focus on running your business.
  • Our well-trained security officers monitor and patrol your facility, ready to respond quickly and effectively.
  • Our technology specialists consult with you to design and install a state-of-the-art security system.
  • We provide regular reports to help you evaluate the effectiveness of your security program and we offer a creative solution based on your requirements.
  • Thoughtful and effective solutions when your needs and circumstances change
  • Provide multi-layered security solution along with Mobile posts, checkpoints, access control and Video surveillance systems.

Trueies is committed to providing smart security and safety solution. We are devoted to our client’s safety and Security. We are keen to provide a safe and secure environment for our client. We provide multiple guard services.

Professional Security Guard
Offices Security Guard
Male Security Guard
Lady Security Guard
Ex-Service Security Guard
industrial Security Guard
Armed Security Guard
Unarmed Security Guard
VIP Security Services
Universities Security Services