Trueies Investigation Service

Trueies provide Investigation service in Pune, which includes Pre & posts marital Checks, Missing Persons, Business Background Verification, Insurance investigation and much more.

Today's world is full of information. Information is key to success, but many of us want to think the best of people and not view the world as a place that’s full of dishonesty, fraud, and corruption. Unfortunately, there are situations that call for expert advice and assistance when individuals and companies are concerned about such threats.

Investment scams, false resumes, fake companies, Infidelity, identity theft, romance scams, corporate espionage, and thousands of other threats do exist. Here trueies can help you, we are expert to gather information, evidence which can help for better decision or use in a court.

Trueies offer multiple services in the personal and corporate sector.

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How we operate:-

  • Interview people to gather information
  • Search public or court records to uncover clues
  • Conduct surveillance
  • Collect evidence to present in court or to a client
  • Verify employment and income
  • Check for civil judgments and criminal history
  • Investigate computer crimes and Information theftVariety of tools when researching the facts
  • Undercover to observe people and to obtain information


Personal Services

Pre & post marital Checks

Pre Marital Are you thinking to get settled? Planning for marriage? Are you worrying about your partner as there are chances of choosing the wrong one when you get matrimony proposal via portals, newspapers or Religious Agencies? We recommend background verification and research till the roots in order to come up with accurate results. We provide post matrimonial investigation too in which we can identify the details of a person. Trueies is totally safe and makes sure that your contact is not revealed anywhere.

 Romance Scam romance-scam

Romance Scam is a certainty trap including faked sentimental goals towards a casualty,  picking up their friendship, and after that utilizing that goodwill to submit extortion. If you are in a relationship and you begin to suspect your partner, Maybe your instincts are right. Don't let the doubt, fear, or emotional pain grow, as this may spoil your life. Trueies expert investigators will work discreetly, confidentially, and efficiently to discover the truth for you.

 Spouse cheatingspouce-cheating

Married life is beautiful & long lasting only when both partners are equally loyal and trustworthy. We are happy when our relationships grow and blossom. But someone can deeply love his/her partner and casual affair with another expecting trust at the same time. Today’s couple cannot live in suspense or keep guessing if their partner is equally faithful. Trueies can help you to come out with this.

Affair & Infidelity Spying 

A concerned wife solicited our services. She told us that she is beginning to suspect her husband. she expresses her concern but husband vehemently denies. This doesn’t  stop the peculiar behaviors & wife seeks to find the truth. Trueies does an investigation and finds the truth, which is shared with the client, the husband was not guilty. We feel happy to save their marriage life.

Divorce divorce-1

In divorce cases, you need our assistance for an extramarital affair, daily routine and employment details for alimony decisions. especially when coupled with child custody issues. We will attempt to develop a profile for a spouse by conducting activity checks, background investigations, and asset searches.

Security Guard Watching Monitors bxp66767h
Surveillance is a much-needed investigation parameter for any kind of detection. We do surveillance by following a person's activity for the entire day. We use World Class cameras and all the latest equipment to capture the pictures and videos of the subjects. Trueies is the leading investigation agency in India for Surveillance. The Surveillance services offered by trueies are highly cost-effective solutions and cover the operations through both static and mobile operations. We have a backing of the most skilled, highly trained and capable staff. trueies is available to serve you 24*7.

Missing Persons missing-person-1

Trueies put together teams of specialists to be led by experts specifically for these cases. These case are expensive
and demand a committed effort from our clients. This type of situation put emotional burdens and pressure on trueies team. It’s important for us to execute the right steps to reunite you with your loved ones.

Loss & theft  
If you lost something, call trueies today for an in-depth, professional, and timely resolution of the situation. Loss and theft can occur in a number of different places and by a variety of means, including workplace theft and intellectual property theft. If you experienced theft of inventory or cash, you may be wise to consider enlisting the services of a trueies private investigator. trueies expert will assist you detecting when and where your loss is occurring, then help you to recover lost assets.

Record Search

record-searchRecord Search is a process of searching a person's criminal history, by and large, utilized by potential managers, moneylenders and so forth to survey his or her dependability.We are expert in document searching be to provide services in this section.

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cyber-bullyingNow a day cybercrime incising because many people think that there is nothing that can be done to locate or stop a cyber bully, but trueies is here to help. Cyber Bullying has many forms and can be hurtful & stressful, which can damage your reputation, finances or career. Below are some example

  • Harassment via social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Libelous content online, and the use of websites for defamation of character.
  • Misuse of your personal status, blackmail, or otherwise disturb you.
    Trueies will approach your case from several angles , depending on your requirement and share specific details.
  • Identify the bully location or IP address and physical location
  • Obtain evidence proving that bullying is harassing trueies client.
  • Report illegal actions to authorities or cyber cell.


    Background checks images

    background check or personal investigation is the way toward gazing upward and arranging criminal records, business records, and monetary records of an individual or an association.
    Trueies will provide you an opportunity to check person background in various prospect we operate everywhere in India.

    Domestic Violence/Harassment  

    domestic-violenceDomestic violence is a serious matter, our experts are available round the clock to assist to Domestic Violence victim. Domestic violence case is very sensitive. We come out of this investigation with discreet, confidential & professionalism, and we will be compassionate in getting you or the victim the necessary help. We collect evidence and submit to the authoritative body.

Benefits of Corporate

In today’s world business performing a background check on your potential employee is crucial. because your staff member, business partner, Vendor These are all individuals that should be checked thoroughly. Private Investigators have databases which are unavailable to the general use. A private investigator will also have the skills to dig deeper into a person’s background.


Employment Background Verificationemployment-verification

If you hiring internationally or even locally, false CV and backgrounds do occur and put your company at risk. Companies who are serious about protecting themselves and hiring only the best take these verifications seriously. Checking criminal records alone is not a prudent verification method, and certainly not an investigation. Professional investigators verify employment candidates in detail and determine if the individual is competent and qualified.

Competitor Investigation Hacker retrieving data from a laptop

Trueies has provided business and corporate investigation, including legal, fraud, accident, workplace and competitors theft and high liability cases. We have been investigating in India for a long time. We are experienced corporate investigators and have vast investigation experience in industries.  We are all-round investigators which combine surveillance, legal and background investigations.  We provide detailed investigation reports.

Fund verification fund-verification
Trueies Private Investigators provides fraud & theft investigation services including internal & exterior fraud and theft and all type of embezzlement. We have experienced theft and fraud investigators. All regions have their private investigation challenges but we provide best solutions.

Business Background Verification  business-verification

We investigate nationally and internationally. Corporate background checks and investigation services include: Employee background check and investigation include employment history, criminal history search, court record, public record, social media & internet investigation. We also check salary history, colleague, and relationship

Company background Services includes : 

Business History, Compliance, Criminal and Lawsuit History, Employment History, Financial Stability, Standing in the Community, Complaints with a licensing behavior in public records.

Cheating Employee  cheating-employee

The reality of the matter is that Employees make your business, that is the GOOD ones! It is likewise genuine that Employees can break your business, that is the BAD ones! The mystery is to energize and build up the great ones and get rid of the terrible ones. We have seen an expansion in a number of organizations who have counseled us over representative issues as of late. These range from Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying, through Sabotage, Damage, and Industrial Espionage.

Supplier & Vendor Screening 

vendor-screeningSupplier Evaluation is a term utilized as a part of a business and alludes to the way toward assessing and affirming potential providers by quantitative appraisal. Supplier assessment is moreover a methodology associated with current provider remembering the ultimate objective to evaluate and screen their execution for the inspirations driving decreasing costs, soothing risk and driving predictable change.

Our suppliers and vendors screening services include:

  • Business history
  • Compliance
  • High compensated employment,
  • criminal and lawsuit history
  • Court record search
  • Public record search
  • Social media investigation and Internet investigation.

    Insurance Investigation 

    insurance-investigationTrueies Private Investigators has numbers of insurance claims investigations, including personal injury, workers and accidents compensation.  As insurance claim investigators, we provide all type of insurance investigations service high liability insurance fraud investigations. Trueies has a very successful track record of insurance fraud investigations. We operate all over India. We offer comprehensive insurance claim investigations, including legal, surveillance and background investigation.