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Home Security

Trueies Smart Home service

Trueies Smart Surveillance deals in CCTV Camera Security Systems for home, workplaces, business foundations,CCTV camera in PuneWireless Burglar Alarm System, Bulb Camera, Smart Plug for homes, Residential SecurityBiometric Digital Door Locks, Home Security arrangements like video entryway telephonesWireless Security System and Time and Attendance Systems for huge business foundations, IP camera surveillance system.

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Trueies Investigation

Trueies Smart Surveillance provides CCTV camera in PuneInvestigation service in Pune, which includes Pre & posts marital Checks, Missing Persons, Business Background Verification, Insurance investigation, Competitor Investigation, Cyber bullying, and much more. Investment scams, false resumes, fake companies, Infidelity, identity theft, romance scams, corporate espionage, and thousands of other threats do exist.

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Security Guard

Trueies Personal Services

Trueies Smart Surveillance provide CCTV camera in Pune cost-effective trained security guard service in Pune (Male and Female Security Guard) who are capable of dealing with all unwanted situation. Professional Security Guard, Offices Security Guard, Male Security Guard, cctv dealer in pune,Lady Security Guard, Ex-Service Security Guard, Industrial Security Guard, Unarmed Security Guard, VIP Security Services, Universities Security Services and more.

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Trueies Smart Surveillance : We will take care of your SECURITY, Wherever you are.

Trueies Smart Surveillance

India’s Leading CCTV service provider & retailer of Electronic Security, CCTV (Spy Camera, Bulb Camera and Hidden Camera), DVR, IP camera, Speed Dome, Network surveillance equipment, Proximity Card, Fingerprint Reader based Time Attendance system & Access control, Burglar Alarm System, Remote Surveillance system, & other security equipment. We deliver solutions for Attendance and Access requirements of organizations. Our products are used by employees and workers for their daily attendance, physical access, canteen, parking, visitor management solutions. Trueies Smart Surveillance is a company that provides security doors, Security Equipment, identity verification solutions and Biometric Time Attendance System. Trueies Smart Surveillance high skills and experience coupled with its deep commitment to R&D ensure that whatever is done is the best and caters to the latest technological trends.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone & hire your security partner : Trueies Smart Surveillance.

Our focus is to keep you #smart #safe #secured with Trueies Smart Surveillance

With many years of experience behind us, "Trueies Smart Surveillance" has been supplying and installing CCTV (Spy camera, Bulb camera, Hidden camera) security systems in Pune for homes large and small, offering tailored solutions that ensure you get the appropriate levels of security for your needs. We have a long list of homeowners who can turn the key and relax, knowing their home is guarded by advanced technology that will never be ignored.
Browse our site for more information on our Spy Camera, Bulb Camera, Hidden Camera, CCTV and now our new Home Automation range with Smart Plug & Timer Plug is coming. Then contacts us today to discuss protection for your property – one of our security specialists will be happy to help you.